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plandough's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in plandough's LiveJournal:

Thursday, June 1st, 2006
1:23 am
My Birthday.
My birthday was spent as usual recieving cards and visits form members of my family and well wishers I was pissed off my face so I pleased to see everyone and spent alot of my time spooning out un my bedroom drinking alcohol and hugging everyone close enough.
In the evening I went down the pub with jon and matt and well... I dont remember anything till waking up on my bedroom floor with Sin tsz and a crate of fosters (empty) next to me.

This afternoon was spent mowing my nans grass of all things and watching a dvd my bro bought for my b-day - ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 2 - It was hilariously cheesy and quite bloody. I then had James and Jon come round and im now 7 hours on listening to them next door playing computrer games with sin and singing along to streetbox

Streetbox are two peeps one guy who does every background beat (theres no instruments or anything but their voices.) theve got 5 songs including Billie jean, Seven nation army and groove is in the heart. they were at the green party on monday and they were as sick as!!!

well im geting a headache and im way too drunk at the mo.

Peace out and try and help Sin tsz call in an airstike in Worms mayhem.

Current Mood: drunk
12:54 am
21 Older then the average mongoose life expectancy
Well I havnt replied recently cos every time I went on the computer, the alcohol in my system tried to make my eyes do 360 degrees and look in on themselves.

Im 21!!!!?!!

On the 27th I had my 21st Birthday mash up!!!
It twas soooo coool, I remember hardly any of it but I do remember (NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER AS THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!);

Playing the word asociation game on a mixture of alcohol and pot in the backgarden with six or seven people.

Drinking Looots of alcohol and trying Barbados Rum - This can clean stubbon oilslicks!!

My Sin Tsz dressing up as a hentai schoolgirl (it was sweet) cant tell you what that did to my jeans.

lots of people turned up and the buffet laid out by my mum, dave and Sin was huge (were still eating leftovers today.)

My brother the fuck up got fucked and puked over my bed destoying my duvet - hes a cunt - Matthew also did too much and was puking for hours he was wasted for the whole day afterwards.

It was a great night but i felt like shit the morning after, plus i still had over 300 units of alcohol left over.

On the monday I went to the kingston green fair with sin and met up with james, adrian and my brother. Its was pretty much a hippie/conservationist fair with live music lots of funkie vegan foodstalls clothes stalls and random other junk. the weather pissed on us pretty much as soon as we got there and we ended up rolling and smoking a spliff in a debating tent to keep out the rain and a random bloke kept giving us conservation badges.

the next post contains my birthday and tonight.

Current Mood: drunk
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
5:14 am
Terry Pratchett
I know what I can do now. I can read another book.

I forgot to say Since college ive turned into a huge terry pratchett fan.
I love his stories, so many references to things like Macbeth or the Da vincy Code, I love it!

I tried to read them in order but the I ran out of the order as I can only read the ones that are available to me. so ive read a good few. Ive got a collection of about 15 now (not in order of course). and it is possible to read them out of order but there are of course references you will only understand if you do read previous ones or are a great Prattchett knowledge monkey.

Knowledge monkey - I like the sound of that.

Current Mood: amused
4:58 am
Its Late and Im not Tired
My sleep patterns are shot to fuck. Im home on my own at this moment, everyone else is staying somewhere else, My girlfreind is staying with her mum and none of my mates are available to come round.

Its fucking quiet

just me rattling around my house for the past 48 hours . AND right now its 04.58AM. Im not even tired. I cant explain it - no coffee no drugs (in over 24 hours) and im bouncing off the walls.

Ive watched two DVD's, played a shit loads of computer games and made myself
far too much food which i could eat all of. Im now trying to find things to do. I dont want to visit madam palm and her five lovely daughers do theres nothing to do but trawl the internet looking for something cool. Maybe ill see if theres an internet religion or cult and join one.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
8:16 pm
Er... Hello campers, My first Livejournal entry has arrived and its my duty to say a few words about me.

My name is Mark, I live in the town of Molesey surrey
I like food I listen to music and I have a computer.

Hey this sounds as boring as shit, I enjoy lots of things, Im in love with the only person that understands me even if we always argue. Her name is Sin Tsz and she is the only thing that is constant in my life, Hes my Rock.

oh and I listen to rock, Specially System of a down.
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